Stories About Me


Stories About Me is book you can read aloud to your child. It contains 16 short-stories; some are just for fun, some teach important background skills such as measuring, fractions, the number system, and more, and some will teach your child how to be safe in different situations. Sara Alice was an elementary school teacher for thirty years, and she knows what children need to know before they reach the early grades. Her book will expose your child to that information in a fun, interactive way and hopefully make him/her better prepared for academics.

She espouses the benefits of reading to your child, and it’s something you should not neglect to do. While making your child read is great, it is not substitute for you reading aloud to him/her. By hearing stories, children learn to visualize and comprehend written works. Read more about the benefits of reading aloud at

This books is incredibly innovative because it makes your child the main character in each story. It is literally ABOUT your child, and it really works. What child wouldn’t want to hear a story about himself or herself?

This book was a collaborative effort between myself and Sara Alice, a former elementary school teacher. She wrote the stories, and I did the photography, graphics, and cover design.

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