Gospel Advancement in India and Other Developing Countries

While he hasn’t written much lately, Ben Warren has been busy. He recently launched a site called PickyPromos that offers MakeMyTrip.com coupons for those traveling to or in India. His site also includes deals for a whole host of other companies in India. This developing country in on the verge of a technological revolution, and many people are being lifted from poverty. Opportunities for advancement of the Gospel are growing as India opens to the travel industry. Modern economies are serving to advance the gospel – it’s a self causing effect. It could be said that modern economic development is a product of Gosel expansion.

India is in the 10-40 window, which is an area of the world with very few missionaries. It is located between ten and forty degrees north latitude in the eastern hemisphere. However, it is one of the most populous countries in the world with well over 1.2 billion people. In contrast, the United States has a population of around three hundred million – a stark difference indeed. If you look at what has happened in the United States and other “developed” countries, a pattern will emerge. Wherever the Gospel has gone and been adopted in large numbers, every measure of quality of life, wellbeing, and economic prosperity has increased. That success has then the message of Jesus to be amplified across the world many times over through modern communication, air travel, etc. Additionally, modern technology has allowed missionaries to travel the world like never before in history. Never has there been a time in the history of human existence when people could travel to the other side of the world in a matter of hours, land safely, and go about their business. It is truly remarkable.

Individual Motivation for Collective Good

One of the main reasons countries have floundered throughout history is the lack of individual motivation for the collective good. The threat of punishment from a government for moral deviance is not just ineffective but self defeating. Third world corruption, which is rampant in India, makes it almost impossible to build a prosperous economy. If everyone cheats, bribes, steals, and takes for themselves at every opportunity, civilization cannot move forward. No airplanes can be designed, no functional system of commerce can develop, and people will be locked in a cycle of poverty. This is what you see in most of the world.

Society can only function when the individual has a personal incentive to behave as the Bible says one ought to behave. Civilization can only flourish when individuals take on Christ’s character traits and no longer steal, pillage, and destroy everything their fellow citizens are attempting to produce.

America is Unique

Americans like to say that they are somehow “unique” or better than the rest of the world. They like to say they have more drive, more ambition, and better problem solving skills. But the reality is that the United States is built on Christian principles – it is the most Christianized country in the world, and that is why it is so great.

Hope for Developing Countries

The Gospel is advancing at a record pace – there are more people and more Christians in the world today than there ever has been. This is a self fulfilling process until the gospel reaches every tribe, nation, and language. Then, as Christ said, the end will come.

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