Jesus, Why and How?

cover_6x9buy_from_amazonJesus, Why and How? Heaven-Sin-Forgiveness-Punishment has three main sections although they are not split up into separate parts. Here’s an overview.

Part I

In the first, we’ll begin exploring life, death, and existence. We normally center our thinking around the first two terms–if something is alive, it is not dead, and if something is dead it cannot be alive. But the Bible uses these words–life and death– as adjectives to describe the condition of something that “exists”. That something is us, and we come to the horrifying conclusion that our “existence” is not synonymous with our lives on earth, and we may continue “existing” with or without life.

From here, we’ll go on to discuss the Biblical and scientific basis for eternal life. We’ll finally define what life really is, and I’ll present the one condition it needs to flourish. That condition is something you may or may not have now, even though, for all practical purposes, we all appear to “live” now.

Part II

Here is where we’ll begin to explore the Biblical definition of sin. This is a word that no one I’ve met in the Church can adequately define. It’s a word all of us have used at one time or another without really understanding what it means. We typically use it to describe a particular behavior such as: stealing, murder, homosexuality, lying, etc. We use this word to describe anything that does not match the Bible’s code of personal conduct that’s outlined in many places including the Ten Commandments. But as we’ll discover, this definition of sin we have all come to accept as fact does not hold up against even simple scrutiny.

The Bible presents a solution for sin, but given that none of us even know what the word means, how can we possibly understand the solution? This is a classic “horse before the carriage problem”.

In my book, I offer you a different definition of sin, one that’s not based on rules and codes of conduct, and if you are not already a Christian, it’s something you might be able to accept. I won’t make any promises, but my goal is only to discover the truth.

Part III

Now we’ll talk about what we have to do if we want our sin problem fixed. Call me a liar if you want, but the Bible is not a big long list of thing we shouldn’t do. Long ago God did tell us not to do something, and if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to read Genesis 1. That rule has already been broken. Now why would God give us more rules once he saw that we could not even keep the original one? Now it’s about “doing” something instead of “not doing” something. That is doable.

On a Side Note…

This is not a book for Christians. My target audience is the atheist, the agnostic, the skeptic, the person who believes that God exists but does not claim any direct link with Him, the academic, and the general public. I’ve interviewed all of you; I’ve done surveys with you, and I know how you think. Please read this book; I wrote it for you.

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